Canola oil may be one of the heart-healthiest oils around, but its full genetic potential has yet to be tapped. That’s why we’re excited by the launch of Benson Hill Biosystems’ new subsidiary, Saturn Agrosciences, which will focus on creating more sustainable, healthier versions of canola. It’s just one more example of […]

Lewis & Clark Partners knows the value of what’s going on between the coasts. It’s why we are proud to be a part of building St. Louis’ thriving bioscience cluster with our dedicated AgTech fund. Check out the role that private VC has played in creating an ecosystem that is recognized […]

Our portfolio company Benson Hill Biosystems recently announced a partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev to improve barley quality and sustainability. AB-InBev will use Benson Hill’s computational platform to advance its barley breeding. Using this technology, along with traditional breeding methods, can speed up development of higher-yielding barley varieties that use less water and […]

For Benson Hill Biosystems, locating in St. Louis was a “no-brainer” – nowhere else in the nation has the combination of talent and infrastructure for AgTech. Benson Hill, one of our portfolio companies, thrives in an ecosystem that includes the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and BioResearch & Development Growth (BRDG) Park, with more […]

Benson Hill Biosystems, one of our AgTech portfolio companies, received GV’s (formerly Google Ventures) first investment in St. Louis. The $60 million raise speaks to the incredible potential of Benson Hill’s data-driven approach to crop improvement – and the broad applicability of its genomics platform, CropOS. This new funding will be […]

Our AgTech portfolio company Benson Hill Biosystems has already experienced so much growth that the Helix Center is in talks to double its capacity to accommodate it. Now, its recent $60M raise from Alphabet Inc.’s venture capital arm, GV, has further solidified the plant science firm’s reputation as a rising star in the […]

Lewis & Clark Partners understands just how vital AgTech is to the economy, and that’s why we’ve designated a fund that focuses exclusively on these bright innovators. One such company is Growers, an agriculture software and services firm that uses data-driven analytics to help farmers see better outcomes. It was our […]

We led the $5M Series A financing for Growers, because we believe in the company’s mission of using data to help farmers simplify the decision-making process and boost the bottom line. Growers provides software and services that allow for the capture of highly accurate field data, thereby meeting the needs of […]

Our AgTech portfolio company GreenLight Biosciences, Inc., recently made a very exciting announcement: a $50 million first closing of its latest funding round. This company is impressive in many ways, and we were delighted to participate in this round, along with a forward-thinking investor syndicate. GreenLight provides a unique cell-free bioproduction […]

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